The Tasmanian Devilish Charm

Mention the word Tasmania and the first thing that most likely comes to mind is the animal that is the tasmanian devil or maybe even the animated cartoon character. The island of Tasmania or 'Tassie' as it's affectionately called, is a state of Australia and located to the south of the country. It is a natural treasure trove of beauty with its mountainous ranges, the most extensive in all of Australia.

Promoted with the words: 'A World Apart, Not a World Away', Tasmania is not too far from Australia. No direct international flights are available to the island but travel is made possible via mainland Australia through three airlines: Qantas, Virgin Blue and Jetstar.

On arrival there is plenty to explore. It would be worth considering a tour of the region to gain as much of the extraordinary experience as possible. A selection of Tasmania Tours here are available to the eager tourists wishing to sample the hikes and traverse the wilderness of the land. (more...)